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  • .BET

    Company:   .BET - .POKER - .LOTTO

    • 3911

    BET is the new top level domain created with the sports betting and online gambling community in mind, and is the ideal Internet address for all games...

  • .LOTTO

    Company:   .BET - .POKER - .LOTTO

    • 3911

    .LOTTO was created exclusively for official, state-sanctioned lotteries around the world, creating a global Internet namespace that users can trust fo...

  • .POKER

    Company:   .BET - .POKER - .LOTTO

    • 3911

    .POKER is the only internet address that is dealing out domain names that are perfect for all things related to the game of Poker! You can bet that .P...

  • 10" Industrial Tablet and Compact...

    Company:   BCM Advanced Research

    • 1336

    A 10.1 inch semi-rugged, extended lifecycle tablet computer which delivers high quality, sleek design, ultra-mobility, yet with an attractive price po...

  • 7th Gen Intel Core COM Express Module -...

    Company:   DFI Inc.

    • 2830

    COM Express® Basic, Intel® Xeon®/7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, Dual channel DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM up to 32GB, Four display ports: VGA*/DDI + LVDS*/eDP...

  • 7th Gen Intel Core Mini-ITX Board -...

    Company:   DFI Inc.

    • 2830

    Thin Mini-ITX , 7th Gen Intel® Core™ Processor, 2 DDR4 1866/2133MHz SODIMM up to 32G, Three independent displays: LVDS*/eDP + DP++ + DP++, DP++ resolu...

  • AccuMail - Address Validation

    Company:   SmartSoft Inc.

    • 4107

    SmartSoft's AccuMail address verification tools lets you validate, correct & standardize addresses at both point-of-entry & across your entire existin...

  • Advantech AIM-37 10" Multi-Functional...

    Company:   Advantech-Innocore

    • 3841

    AIM-37 is an industrial-grade mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) system with a built-in bar code scanner and HD Corning® Gorilla® Glass display offering a me...

  • AMD Embedded R-Series SoC

    Company:   Advanced Micro Devices

    • 3416

    The AMD Embedded R-Series SOC delivers astonishing graphics and HD multimedia processing performance – with true 4K decode and encode – via a sophist...

  • AMD Embedded Radeon E9260

    Company:   Advanced Micro Devices

    • 3416

    AMD Radeon™ high-performance embedded discrete GPUs provide exceptional graphics performance for single and multi display systems without compromisin...

  • AMD Embedded Radeon E9550

    Company:   Advanced Micro Devices

    • 3416

    AMD Radeon™ ultra high-performance embedded discrete GPUs elevate graphics processing performance to extraordinary heights, supporting 4K high-speed v...


    Company:   VNE - Density Networks

    • 1335

    If you open a new room or Casino, this is the most appropiate solution: cheaper, faster, easier and reusable solution. Certified by GLI, Deloitte and ...