2020 Education Track Descriptions

G2E shines an industry-wide spotlight on newest trends and insights companies need to be successful in the gaming industry. With topics ranging from sports betting and esports to tribal trends, G2E Education can’t be missed.

Financial Technology and Payments Modernization

As state and tribal leaders consider modernizing casino gaming payment options, the industry is championing common-sense policies that encourage payment choice, protect consumers, and keep pace with customer expectations. Hear from all partners within the financial technology (FinTech) world regarding how to navigate the very complex but brave new world of digital payments.

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IAGA Best Practices Institute

Topics addressing a wide-range of issues affecting industry professionals in law, finance, operations, compliance and regulation. Organized in partnership with the International Association of Gaming Advisors.

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iGaming Congress

Topics addressing the development, regulation, operation, and marketing of online casinos, including social and mobile gaming, and emerging products.

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Leading through Recovery

There has never been a more critical time for effective leadership. Learn from those who have navigated the choppiest of waters in our history and how they—and you—can forge successful paths forward. We’ll focus on internal as well as external strategies that are keeping workforces and your customer base healthy and safe, as well as on open discussion about diversity and inclusion at all levels of the gaming industry. Attendees span all job functions and have a common desire to maximize their potential and become more effective leaders.

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Regaining Customer Trust and Loyalty

COVID-19 has been the biggest game changer in the history of casino gaming and marketing. As health and safety become part of the new landscape, how does it affect attracting—and retaining—your best customers? How can you continue to improve customer acquisition and retention when the customer has become more elusive yet trackable at the same time? What are the best ways to attract new players to the gaming world?

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Research Day, Powered by AGA

The American Gaming Association (AGA) is at the forefront of research on the gaming industry in the United States, providing members, the public, and policy makers with vital information about the economic health of the industry, public and policy-maker perceptions of gaming, and insights on consumer sentiment and behavior. In this all-new education track, you’ll hear from experts at the AGA and from other leading industry research organizations who will bring the research to life and moderate discussions about the implications for your every challenge and future growth.

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Security, Health, and Safety in a New Era

The challenges for providing a welcoming environment for guests have never been greater. Yet, with ingenuity, innovation, and a laser focus on health and safety, gaming professionals are embracing new technologies and operating systems more than ever. And, with the growth in online gaming and sports betting, mitigating risk and incorporating AML and KYC is of heightened importance.

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Sports Betting 2020

The wide world of sports came to a screeching halt in 2020, thanks to COVID-19. Experts will lend insights into where we stand—and where we’re going—with sports and sports betting as we move into 2021.

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Tribal Gaming

Content supporting the development of tribal gaming enterprises and addressing the unique needs of their businesses. Organized in partnership with the National Indian Gaming Association.

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