G2E Floor Plan

Choose the booth package that best fits your needs and budget

Floor Plan Map

The G2E floor plan is designed to give you the flexibility to select a booth package that best fits your company’s needs and budget. Just like at a concert or sporting event, you can pay more or less based on the location you choose. For example, spaces in high traffic areas (such as main aisles and entrances) have premium value based on a higher number of visitor/buyer impressions. Those locations, which are easily located by our new color grid, have a higher price tag than booths in other areas of the floor. Thus at G2E, the choice is yours in terms of what works best for you.

Booth Pricing for 100 sq.ft. (10x10 booth):

  • Red Section—Royal Flush Package—Our “fully loaded” options with maximum traffic —$14,164
  • Orange Section—High Roller Package—$12,379
  • Yellow Section—Straight Flush Package—$10,763
  • Green Section—Basic Package (eligible for additional AGEM and AGA discounts)—$ 7,985
  • Blue Section—Economy Package (eligible for additional AGEM and AGA discounts)—Our lowest cost option!—Call for pricing

Contact Todd Sheahan at tsheahan@reedexpo.com or 203-840-5397 or Don Wells at dwells@reedexpo.com or 203-840-5933 to reserve your space.

AGA & AGEM Members

Members of the American Gaming Association (AGA) and Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) may be entitled to additional discounts based on their level of membership. Discounts are available only in the basic and economy locations listed in green and blue, as well as the gray locations which have been specifically segmented out for those with the highest level of membership. Note that AGA and AGEM members are certainly welcome to select a booth package in a premium area (red, orange, yellow), however any corresponding discounts will not apply.