OCTOBER 4-7, 2021




Thank you for choosing to exhibit at and support this year’s G2E. In order to make your experience the best it can be, please refer to the information and tools below to plan and prepare for the show. Have questions? Please contact your G2E Customer Success Manager

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Please refer to our Health & Safety FAQs.

If you need help accessing your Exhibitor Hub, please contact your Customer Service at 800-811-7151 or 203-840-5610 or email Dashboardsupport@reedexpo.com.

Inside the Exhibitor Manual you will find all of the action items, which will provide you with the contact information for all of G2E’s official contractors.

Freeman is the official general contractor for G2E and they do offer discounts for orders placed on their website. Visit the Exhibitor Manual for more information. You can create an account with Freeman at: www.freemanco.com.

Electrical services can be ordered through the Sands Expo and Convention Center. There are different levels of electricity offered to fit your needs. You can access the electrical services order form in the Exhibitor Manual.

Shipping is the transportation of your items from your location to the convention center. You are responsible for hiring a transportation company for your shipping materials.

Material handling (also referred to as drayage) is the action of receiving your shipment at the convention center and bringing it to your booth space. Freeman is the official general contractor for G2E and will facilitate your material handling. There is a cost associated with this and you will receive a material handling bill from Freeman.

Material handling is calculated based on the weight of your items and how they are shipped. Please note - on G2E there are two different price points for regular material handling and slot machine handling.

General Material Handling - $0.97 per pound. (10lbs and under is free of charge)

Slot Machine Handling - $0.74 per pound

To learn more about calculating your material handling costs, click here

If you take advantage of shipping to the Advanced Warehouse, your crates will be delivered to your booth based on the target floor plan. If you are shipping directly to show-site, please refer to the target floor plan in the Exhibitor Manual

No. The Venetian Expo and Convention Center is the official caterer. 

No. Registering as an admin on the Exhibitor Hub will only give that person access, you will have to register separately for exhibitor badges.

Yes, there is free WiFi available for our exhibitors courtesy of G2E show management. Please note, our recommendation is for light business use only, if you require a strong connection please work with the Sands Expo and Convention Center to get the proper amount for your requirements.

Your health and safety is our top priority. Everyone—including exhibitors, attendees, media, speakers, and AGA and RX staff—are expected to comply with our health and safety requirements. Click here to view our health and safety requirements.


BEWARE of the Fair Guide

Reed Exhibitions and Global Gaming Expo do NOT support the Fair Guide -- it is NOT affiliated with Reed Exhibitions or Global Gaming Expo. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Fair Guide from Construct Data, its publisher, which use the name of Global Gaming Expo – do not be fooled. Construct Data currently operates out of Slovakia (it has previously operated out of Austria and Germany).

BEWARE of the Expo-Guide

Reed Exhibitions and Global Gaming Expo also do NOT support the Expo-Guide -- it is NOT affiliated with Reed Exhibitions or Global Gaming Expo. Please be aware that you may receive solicitations for the Expo-Guide from Commercial Online Manuals, its publisher, which use the name of Global Gaming Expo – again, do not be fooled. The Expo-Guide currently operates out of Mexico.

And please remember – the only directories and guides affiliated with Reed Exhibitions are those published by Reed Exhibitions, including the official show directories. If you have any doubts about a directory/guide solicitation using the Global Gaming Expo name (for example, if the solicitation requires payment made to an address in a foreign country), please contact a Global Gaming Expo salesperson ASAP.


Please be vigilant if dealing with any companies or services other than Connections/G2E Housing that imply or claim an affiliation with Global Gaming Expo. Reservations made through any other agency will be at your own risk. If you are contacted by another housing company attempting to sell hotel rooms, please notify Show Management at G2E@connectionshousing.com.