G2E Insider – December 2019 Edition

Industry Insiders: Kirsten Clark, IAGA

Since it was founded in 1980, the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA) has provided a relevant, collaborative forum for discussing key issues that affect global gaming today. Supported by a membership that includes the industry’s leading attorneys, senior executives, financial advisors, regulators, consultants, and academics, IAGA hosts numerous conferences and special events each year where attendees participate in rich discussion about industry topics and trends, benefit from valuable networking opportunities, and gain vital education.

G2E Profiles: Ann Atkin, Prairie Meadows

With its roots being a vision of helping Iowa’s agricultural community and spurring economic development and job growth within the state, Prairie Meadows is one of only a few nonprofit casinos in the United States today.

AGA Corner: Utilizing Technology to Provide Consumers Payment Choice

The casino industry is truly the embodiment of the 21st century hospitality industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology, creating new cross-sector business opportunities and driving innovative entertainment forward.

An Inside Look: Choctaw Nation

As a federally recognized Native American tribe, Choctaw Nation prides itself on preserving and celebrating its many unique traditions. It focuses on passing these traditions down to newer generations and sharing it with everyone, from its distinctive language to its historical games (like stickball), native dances and artwork.

In Review: 5 Tech Trends from G2E 2019

G2E 2019 was a success! The show floor was filled with innovative products and the latest technologies. Now that it's in our rearview, we're taking a look at the top five tech trends from 2019's show.