G2E Insider – February 2022 Edition

G2E On-Demand: The Business of Sports Betting

In many states, teams and leagues hold the keys to lucrative market access. Hear directly from the dealmakers on how to consider sportsbook partners and how these partnerships are changing the fan experience. This session was recorded live at G2E 2021.

Industry Insider: Alex Dixon, CEO, Q Casino; Founder, African American Gaming Network

Hear from Alex Dixon, CEO of Q Casino and founder of the African American Gaming Executive Network, to discuss what makes Q Casino unique, how his organization is making the industry more diverse, and what he is most looking forward to at G2E 2022.

AGA Corner: State of the Gaming Industry

Last week, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released its full-year 2021 commercial gaming revenue report, and the numbers are nothing short of remarkable. Learn more about the industry's historic growth during 2021 and what AGA's priorities for securing the industries future are.

G2E Roundtable: Where is Sports Betting Going in 2022

Sports betting in the United States has experienced explosive growth in recent years, but it is not without its challenges. G2E sat down with three industry leaders to hear their unique perspectives on the biggest challenges in sports betting in 2021 and what trends they are following in 2022.

Industry News: The State of Play on Legal Sports Betting

Thanks to legal sports betting launches in ten new states, 45 million more Americans were able to legally wager on Super Bowl LVI in their home state compared to last year. An impressive 31.4 million Americans planned to wager on the big game. Learn what to expect in 2022.

G2E Profile: The Design Collective by Cintas

The Design Collective by Cintas combines ready-to-wear designs with custom creations by award winning designers to curate an apparel collection that enhance a brand’s identity. G2E sat down with the fashion house to discuss how they work with brands and what makes their collection so special. Advertisement.