Industry Insiders: Marshall Adair, Senior Vice President of Digital, Everi

For this month’s edition, we spoke with Marshall Adair, Senior Vice President of Digital at Everi, to give insight into the growing iGaming market, the importance of appealing to both brick-and-mortar and online audiences, and his advice to operators breaking into this sector.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Everi.

I've been with Everi for about seven years, starting as a Lead-Producer on the land-based games team, leading several teams creating great slots for our brick-and-mortar customers. In 2017, Everi launched its digital division, and I began the journey building our digital infrastructure, amazing team, and product portfolio. Since then, we've launched two social casinos (Super Jackpot Slots and High Rollin' Vegas Slots), and our remote game server (Spark TM) in both the B2B real-money online and social markets.

Everi develops casino games for both brick-and-mortar casinos and online gaming. Can you expand on the creative process for each and the importance of appealing to both audiences?

Everi has a unique position in the industry, providing recognizably high-performing and brand recognized slots to both customer bases. Our strategy has been and continues to be selecting the best performing content from our amazing land-based games division and bringing them over to the online space. In so doing, we try to recreate the excitement and experience of the land-based slots and translate their most important aspects to the online genre. This is an excitingly challenging prospect, considering the vast differences in hardware mediums, technical requirements, and overall player expectations. We take a close look at what makes a slot special and try to re-create it in a way that isn't just strictly a 'port', and rather consider it a translation of the whole experience from land-based to online.

What piece of advice would you give to operators in states where sports betting and iGaming is legal and how can companies ensure they are taking advantage of the push towards this sector?

At the present, I believe that the U.S. online gaming market is among (if not THE) most important and exciting online gaming market in the entire world. We're at a pivotal shift of awareness and acceptance, both due to the rapidly changing macro circumstances of the industry and world, but also customer demand and expectations. I believe we're seeing a huge, rapid swell in understanding the benefits of an online component of the casino industry, and as we are collectively gathering more and more data, it's quickly becoming apparent that online sports betting and iGaming are additive to a casino's business. It encourages patron participation in a casino's ecosystem in completely new way, without cannibalizing or compromising their core business. Overall, I'd suggest that any casino would benefit from focusing on an online strategy, whether it be for sports, iGaming, or social–and I would encourage for it to include all three aspects!

This past year has pushed the gaming industry to explore new ways to do business. How has Everi adapted and what trends are you seeing during this transformation?

Everi has been at the forefront of evolving existing products to adapt to new customer and patron needs, as well as focusing on innovating for the sake of new products which can transform the way casinos do business. We've focused on our mobile and online strategies and have a deep connection between our new products and existing products and services. Everi’s E-Wallet solution is perhaps the best example, which gives customers a new, self-service way to move money throughout their casino's ecosystem. Equally, our focus on extending and improving our loyalty business has been a key aspect of our last couple years, both in terms of new technology and new ways for casinos to engage their customers which also includes a slew of new mobile solutions and services. We recognize the need for technology within the industry to change with these important times, and we're very proud to say that we're doing just that while also being recognized by our casino customers with incredible praise as we move forward alongside them by providing the best possible solutions to the new and growing business challenges and opportunities.

G2E accelerates and amplifies technology launches. How does Everi plan to make their mark at this year’s event?

Everi is extremely excited to participate in G2E 2021 in this incredibly important and exciting year. We have an innumerable amount of new products to unveil. These range from our extension and improvement within the set of products from the FinTech business, our growing portfolio of Loyalty products and services, our focus on customer-centric Mobile products, and of course our amazing, ever-evolving and innovating slots. And, of course, we have some amazing new technology that connects all of them together, which is perhaps the most exciting aspect of what we hope to show at G2E.

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