OCTOBER 4-7, 2021


The Venetian Resort and Venetian Expo & Convention Center

All hospitality events conducted by customers at the Event are the sole responsibility of the customer and must be operated in accordance with their License Agreement, the Event’s Terms & Conditions and the Health & Safety Information.

  • All food and beverages to be served/consumed must be ordered through the Venetian Expo Catering Department. Arrangements with the Venetian Expo Catering Department are the sole responsibility of the customer. Please refer to the Venetian Exhibitor Service Center Online Portal for menus and further information.

  • All food and beverage must be served and consumed within the booth footprint or meeting room where functions are taking place. Aisles and hallways must remain clear along perimeters of booth spaces and/or meeting rooms.

  • Whenever possible, implement increased spacing of seating and/or areas of congregation where food and beverage may be served to promote physical distancing and capacity management. Consider providing seated space for attendees to remove face coverings and consume food/beverage.

  • Plan increased sanitization of high-touchpoint areas or where food and beverage may be served within your booth space or throughout your function. As a reminder, the health and safety guidelines for the Event include:
    • All licensed space must have hand sanitizer containing a minimum of 60% alcohol. 
    • Disinfecting of high touch point areas in the licensed space throughout the day is strongly encouraged. Please note only disinfectants that have been approved for use within the facility may be used. Refer to the Event’s exhibitor manual for approved disinfectant products.
  • The Venetian Expo catering menus contain a variety of individually wrapped or packaged items. Service of other items may require a catering attendant. 

  • Food and beverage options that are intended to build traffic to licensed spaces (such as gelato stations, bars, coffee stations) are popular ways to attract customers. These opportunities should only be considered for customers with exhibit and/or meeting spaces large enough to accommodate increased occupancy without crowding or utilizing aisles and hallways.
    • For traffic building opportunities, consider if there are options that can be consumed more efficiently – for example – espresso sized coffee – to avoid food and beverage leaving the footprint of the licensed space.