Kallop / Nic & Syd

Kallop / Nic & Syd

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Welcome to affordable luxury. At Kallop we’ve built our business around making luxury affordable for every level of player, allowing you to reward deep into your database. You will love the incredibly high perceived value relative to your cost, only you have to know how little you paid. Welcome to having your cake and eating it too!


  • Nic & Syd

    Nic and Syd is a global branding partner of Swarovski. We manufacture and design jewelry, fashion and home accessories that can meet any price point! ...

  • Harmony Kitchen + Home

    Harmony Kitchen + Home™… for every room & every lifestyle. A collection inspired by contemporary trends combined with performance, function, & design ...

  • Tahari

    The name Tahari is synonymous with modern sophistication and luxury. Tahari bedding offers a clean classic look with a burst of freshness and luxury t...

  • Gotham Steel Copper

    Gotham Steel Copper has a contemporary design and is seen as being the most durable and versatile high-quality non-stick cookware on the market. Made ...

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    Kallop / Nic & Syd

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