Computer Betting Company GmbH

Computer Betting Company GmbH

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CBCX – the leading provider for sports and live betting systems

For more than 30 years, CBCX are among the leading providers for highly sophisticated sports and live betting systems and gaming products for retail and web betting operations. Experience pre-match and in-play sports betting and virtual gaming at its best! CBCX provides you with the infrastructure and the products for your betting business.


  • XLive

    XLive is the leading pre-match and in-play sports betting application for retail and web/mobile based B2B betting operations. Pre-match and in-play b...

  • Betting Terminal NT3HD

    The CBCX stand-alone betting device NT3HD perfectly meets the requirements of a modern betting business! NT3HD combines efficiency with usability and ...

  • BetStore

    BetStore - the unique and customized online betting platform! With the BetStore, operators allow their customers to safely and anonymously place bets ...

  • CBCX Loyalty Card

    The CBCX Loyalty Card contains all relevant player data (registration credentials, current credit balance, transaction history, optional: player name ...

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    Computer Betting Company GmbH
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