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  • M260

    Company:   E-Seek Inc

    • 4003

    The Model M260 incorporates a magnetic stripe reader with advanced technology 2D barcode reading capability. It can read any government issued ID card...

  • M280

    Company:   E-Seek Inc

    • 4003

    The E-Seek Model M280 allows for the reading and capture of all electronic data while concurrently providing the ability to scan and capture a complet...

  • M500

    Company:   E-Seek Inc

    • 4003

    The M500 Forensic Reader extracts hidden security features of a drivers' license, Military ID or any identity card for authentication purposes, readin...

  • Managed Trading Services (MTS)

    Company:   Sportradar

    • 3602

    MTS is a holistic solution that enables bookmakers to future-proof their business. Benefit from our market-leading sports data and betting entertainme...

  • Massage=Time on Device

    Company:   Winners Massage LLC

    • 3439

    We offer the premier comfort and entertainment for your most loyal guests.

  • Matsui Products

    Company:   Matsui America Inc.

    • 4100

    Matsui Products


    Company:   SCA Gaming

    • 1216

    MEGAWALL – A giant attention-grabbing, dynamic video wall designed to take your promotions to new heights with high-impact, high-resolution and high-i...

  • MGT's Casino Kiosk Software

    Company:   MGT

    • 1941,
    • 1941A

  • MGT's Electronic Casino Drawing Software

    Company:   MGT

    • 1941,
    • 1941A

    MGT’s Casino Drawing Software (EDRAW®) will make your paper drawings a thing of the past. With EDRAW® your casino guests can electronically deposit th...

  • MGT's Kiosk Hardware

    Company:   MGT

    • 1941,
    • 1941A

    We offer a wide variety of kiosk hardware to host our software on, please be aware we do not manufacture these units.

  • Micone Staffing Resources

    Company:   Micone Staffing Resources

    • 4104

    We are proud to offer professional staffing and recruiting services for Accounting and Finance, Information Technology, Executives, Sales and Marketin...

  • MIMO 300 Cash & Coin Recycling System

    Company:   MIMO LLC

    • 2626

    The MIMO Cash & Coin Recycling System is the most comprehensive Cash Room Automation System on the market today. MIMO Streamlines your cash room proce...